Coding Bootcamp : Why it is still the future

Aina Lucien Razafindraibe
2 min readApr 22, 2020
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Since its inception, Bootcamp remains popular for those wishing to launch into coding. Unlike traditional college, this new type of training aims to manufacture developers within a year. That’s what makes it so enticing to resources-limited students. The returns outweigh substantially the investment. In fact, the students are promised a job right after arrival. And a little google search will make your mouth drool: a developer can make up to 100G in the US. In light of this, the fees of programs appear peanuts (between $10000 to $ 20 000 in the US). But does it really worth it?

The answer is yes. But under certain conditions: quality and refund


The quality refers to how rigorous the program is? Does it only teach the shiny and the trendy tech? Or it gives more room to the founding of programming: algorithm? I really think that it’s not possible to become a junior developer with 3 months of Bootcamp. They can get you a job especially if they are well-connected. But trust me, you won’t be there for long. Your employer will still see that you lack a lot of skills. If you do want to turn to coding Bootcamp, make sure that the program lasts at least six months and they cover exhaustively the algorithm part. Learning the different technologies (React, Angular) will be the easy part of your training.


Compared to colleges and universities, the refund is what like the best about Bootcamp. Unlike universities where you spend a lot but in the end, you struggle to find a job, they promise to give back your money if you couldn’t make it. But make sure that this is included in their offer. I really think this result based training will be the future of education and more institutions will join their path.



Aina Lucien Razafindraibe

Entrepreneur. Founder of Bootcamp Fullstack Tana.@Ivatois on twitter